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Photoshop Magic Marker Effect

Sometimes you’ll want to make your text look like it was written with a marker on real paper (or some other surface), and the fonts that look like handwriting are not accurate enough for you. Fortunately, Photoshop has a few tools that will help give your text a nice, somewhat distressed inky effect for a realistic ‘marker’ effect.

Yahoo Type Smiley in Photoshop

Create a Yahoo Smiley in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll learn how to make a Yahoo!™ type smiley figure. Each step is accompanied by a screenshot, so jump in and start creating your own Photoshop style smiley characters. Feel free to manipulate the smileys here as needed to complete the lesson.


Microsoft Access Tips and Tricks

New to Microsoft Access and need a basic overview? Here’s a few tips and tricks to get you started out on the right path.


Getting an SSL Certificate at HostGator

Ever try to install your own SSL certificate, just to find that it doesn’t work as expected? I’ll take a typical web hosting account, and walk you through the process.


What is XHTML?

Learn the basics of XHTML. This introductory article covers what XHTML is and is not. This introduction to XHTML will give you the general workings of XML and HTML together, and the overall basic syntax to use when coding XHTML.

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