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Getting an SSL Certificate at HostGator

Ever try to install your own SSL certificate, just to find that it doesn’t work as expected? I’ll take a typical web hosting account, and walk you through the process.


What is XHTML?

Learn the basics of XHTML. This introductory article covers what XHTML is and is not. This introduction to XHTML will give you the general workings of XML and HTML together, and the overall basic syntax to use when coding XHTML.


Create a realistic TV Icon in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial , we learn how to create an icon that looks like a small tv set. Try using various colors, gradients and shapes to come up with your own design. Feel free to copy our images to use an example for your needs.


Photoshop Man of Fire Part Two

We last left off by adding some color and a guassian blur to our photoshop ‘fire man’. (looks a little like the Human Torch©) In the next few steps we’ll be adding some layers to offer some depth and life to our fire.


How to Reformat a Windows XP Hard Drive

Has your computer been running slowly lately? Or is it so infected with viruses that even the best of virus scanners can’t fix it? Well then its time to reformat your computer. Yeah, I know what your thinking… Oh no, that will cost me over $50.00 dollars and I’ll have to send my computer in for at least a week!

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