Bye Bye Archives

It’s an age old dilemma. Keep archives older than a few years or scrap them? I’ve decided in the best interest of fresh content , new tutorials, and our reinvented vigor – to simply get rid of most of the old CodeCrunch tutorials.

Many methods used in these older articles and tutorials were out-dated, and are not in the spirit of where I want this site to be headed. So, for some time, you may get some 404 errors – but be assured that new and fresh content will be taking the place of the deleted archives. I have some great plans lined up for some tutorials and Open Source code for your to use in your projects.

I also took a real hard look at why I would want to keep the older articles, and honestly, the main reason for me was financial purposes. (Ad revenue) That’s when I knew it had to be deleted, I just couldn’t possibly sit on old content and expect that to carry the new site theme in the right direction. I did keep some older, relevant Photoshop tutorials, as I want to revisit them sometime in the near future as I feel some of the techniques can be carried a lot farther, and having the old posts to refer to will be handy.

Also, if you would like to contribute to CodeCrunch, please read our general outline of articles and content that we accept.