Create a realistic TV Icon in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial , we learn how to create an icon that looks like a small tv set. Try using various colors, gradients and shapes to come up with your own design. Feel free to copy our images to use an example for your needs.

NB – This tutorial is 4+ years old and is here for your learning experience. Please be sure to visit our homepage for newer and up to date posts and articles.

1st Step

Create a new file. Use Rounded Rectangle tool under auto shape tool to draw this shape.

2nd Step

Select #096996 as foreground and #036593 as background. Right click on its shape layer and select blending options. Select Gradient Overlay. Select foreground to background gradient and Linear fill to fill the shape. Now select Stroke. Select black as stroke color and set the stroke width to 3 pixels.

3rd Step

Now change the foreground color to #086896 and background to white. Again with the help of Rounded Rectangle tool, draw a rectangle in middle of our first layer. Use the settings as shown in the figure. Also add black colored 3 pixel stroke to it.

4th Step

Now draw a rectangle just below our first shape. Use same settings (i.e. Gradient overlay and stroke) as we did in drawing the first shape.

5th Step

Draw another shape with rounded rectangle too. Set the foreground to white and background to #619EBC. Use gradient fill to fill it with gradient. Use the default settings of bevel & emboss to emboss it.
Now right click on its layer name. First select copy layer style and than select Rasterize layer. Remove the portion to obtain the shape like that.

Place this layer as shown in the figure

6th Step

Draw a button like shape with the help of Rounded rectangle tool. Right click on its layer name and click on paste layer style. Place this layer as shown in the figure.

7th Step

With the help of ellipse tool, draw a circle. Right click on its layer name and select paste layer style. Copy and move the small buttons to have a shape like that

Change the foreground color to #BDDEF6 and background to #056694. Draw a shape with the help of rounded rectangle tool. Rasterize the layer. Go to filter>Sketch>Halftone Pattern. Give these values in it.

Size = 1 Contrast = 8 Pattern type = Dots

Final Step

Remove the half portion of the shape. Press control+j to duplicate the layer. Go to Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontal and place it as shown in the figure.

We now have our TV Icon. :)